“ In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more than reality.”


An architect by trade, a photographer by passion Cody is a self taught photographer in the Milwaukee area. A small town native Cody enjoys the industrial, busy, urban cityscape that Milwaukee provides. Cody combines his background as an architect with his photography, creating modern, urban lifestyle portraits of people and buildings. Self taught does not mean uneducated, Cody has had some of the greatest influences in the world, many of them being young, local photographers. There is something to be said for someone that can find constant inspiration in everyday life. Cody photographs subjects to invoke a discussion. He photographs the way they make him feel with the intention that each person viewing them is overwhelmed with a different emotion each time, as it is well known that art imitates life. Admittedly, it’s a bit of a strange concept. But it’s honest – and it’s the best way to describe his approach to photography. He struggles with every image he shoots because; he is aware perfection is attainable and prefers every picture speak for itself, leaving no questions unanswered. If that’s all you ever know about Cody, it’s enough to say you know him very, very well


Roepke Cody.jpg

Photographer and CEO